XABIK is the global platform for funding artist

XABIK is the global platform for funding artist

Artist application Builder

Xabik allows you to integrate a white label form on the website of your organization through which artists can apply.
You can customize the questions to suit your selection criteria

Make it easy for the artist

Artists can find your program and apply to it through our directory of Organizations and Programs.

They can apply with just one click If they already have a profile in Xabik

Legal guarantees

Save the history of participants and ranking of scores to face possible claims

Trusted information

Access to verified information on the artist’s activity and his artworks thanks to second-party guarantors such as curators and gallery owners.

Manage the selection process

Set filters to discard artists who don’t meet the requirements

Manage your decision-making process from a Kanban board.

Jury panel

Work online with your jury panel to carry out the selection process collaboratively.
Each member of the jury has a personal back office where can manage online all the process

Know everything about each candidate artist

You have in one place all the information the jury needs to select the artists.
The biography with all its details
The portfolio with the information of his/her works organized by collections and dates
Description of the projects that the artist proposes to be funded


Automatically report results to selected and unselected artists.
Post the results from the platform on all social networks

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